NBA 2k13 2k14 2k15 Legends & Notable Fans

NBA 2k15 Update: Yup, you guessed it… It looks like the requirements for Legends to follow you on NBA 2k15 have remained the same yet again. I haven’t confirmed all of them, but I’ve just picked up Shawn Kemp after a 47 point and 17 rebound game. Seeing as Shawn Kemp has had the same requirements in both 2k13, 2k14, and now 2k15… it stands to reason that most, if not all of the legends “should” have the same requirements as well. I don’t see myself playing 2k15 for very long (that’s a story for another post), so I’ll leave it to the random guests leaving comments to confirm whichever ones remain when I stop playing.

NBA 2k14 Update: It appears that the requirements for a “Legend” to follow you in NBA 2k14 haven’t changed from 2k13. At least that’s what it looks like early on in the game. I’ve just picked up Gary Payton for 5 steals in a game (which is exactly the same requirement as in 2k13). You can probably use this list as a rough guideline to what you need to do – or if you remember what you did last year in 2k13 that would probably be more accurate since the requirement appears to depend on what position you play and possibly also play style (athletic, slashing, defensive, etc.).

Updates including screenshots of stats during games where certain Notable Fans are picked up are at the bottom of the post. 


So, you’re one of those people with OCD and want to collect all the little ponies as fans on NBA 2k13. Wait, no – NBA Legends as fans. Here’s an incomplete, self-generated list of the NBA Legends you can get to “follow” you in the Social Media section of NBA 2k13 and what hoops you need to jump through to get them on the follow-wagon.

Player Condition CONFIRMED
Michael Jordan 63+ points during a playoff game 2k13/2k14
Magic Johnson 15+ assists 2k13/2k14/2k15
Clyde Drexler Triple Double against Portland Trailblazers 2k13/2k14
Isaiah Thomas Double Double against Detroit Pistons 2k13/2k14
Joe Dumars Win by a large margin against the Chicago Bulls 2k13/2k14/2k15
Dennis Rodman 19+ rebounds 2k13/2k14/2k15
Steve Kerr 5+ 3-pointers 2k13/2k14/2k15
Clark Kellogg Triple Double 2k13/2k14/2k15
Chris Mullin Beat Golden State with X number of 3-pointers 2k13/2k14/2k15
Penny Hardaway 30+ points 10+ assists against the Orlando Magic 2k13/2k14
Shaq O’Neal 60+ points 10+ rebounds (15+ assists?) against Lakers 2k13/2k14/2k15
Gary Payton 5+ steals 2k13/2k14/2k15
Shawn Kemp 47+ points 15+ rebounds 2k13/2k14/2k15
David Robinson 71+ points 2k13/2k14
Dominique Wilkins 7+ dunks 2k13/2k14/2k15

If you know how to get the NBA Legends labeled as UNKNOWN to follow you, do drop a comment and mention how you managed it (or your stats for that particular game so we can possibly dissect it).

Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you. Example: Clark Kellogg and Clyde Drexler are labeled as a Triple Double each, but some people report a Double Double as being enough. It just so happens that I personally had a Triple Double in those games, which is why I’ve posted a Triple Double.

Comments report:

Clark Kellog follows you after a double double against his former team the Pacers

NBA 2k14 Note: I picked up Kellogg after a loss against the Pacers with 38/5/1 (P/A/R). So it’s pretty unclear what triggers Kellogg.

I’ve stopped playing 2k14, so there’ll be no further updates (unless posted in the comments section). The PC version of 2k14 really left me disappointed – I was expecting next gen features. If I pick up a XB1/PS4, I might start playing again… but until then you can probably use the current 2k13 list as a rough guide to what is required.

Chris Mullin

Here’s my statline (as a PG) for the game where I got Chris Mullin. This was in NBA 2k14 on the PS4 (but should be the exact same thing on 2k13 as well as “current gen” consoles). This was against the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin

Shaquille O’Neal

This is my statline against the Lakers (currently as an Athletic SF) where I got Shaq. As per above, NBA 2k14 on the PS4.



David Robinson & Dennis Rodman

This is my statline against the Clippers (again as an Athletic SF) where I picked up both Robinson and Rodman. As before, NBA 2k14 on the PS4.

David Robinson & Dennis Rodman


David Robinson & Dennis Rodman Social Media

David Robinson & Dennis Rodman Social Media

Clyde Drexler

Against the Portland Trailblazers on NBA 2k14 PS4.

Clyde Drexler

Clyde Drexler

237 thoughts on “NBA 2k13 2k14 2k15 Legends & Notable Fans

  1. Hey guys, I played against Orlando Magic and my Statics were (I’m a SG player):

    41 min
    50 pts
    11 ast
    7 stl
    5 reb
    0 blk
    20/26 FG
    5/10 3PT
    5/7 FT (i know… lame, usually I got 100%)
    3 TO
    grade A

    and nothing with Penny Hardaway…
    Anybody knows why?!

    PS sorry for the poor english.

  2. For the legends that require you to play their former team, I think you need to complete the stat line in their building not yours. I had triple double with 40 plus points at home against magic and didn’t get penny. Next game I got triple double at Detroit and got Isaiah Thomas.

    • thanks for the feedback. I forgot to say that I played at the Orlando Magic’s Arena, so… a bug maybe?
      PS: I¡m playing NBA 2K13.

  3. I’m pretty sure to get Clark Kellogg you have to score 30+ points against the Pacers my stats for that game almost matched yours only i had 31 points

  4. I didn’t beat the warriors, but got chris mullin with 38 pts 8reb and 10ast 4 steals and a grade A plus performance.

  5. This was the tweet I got from Clark Kellogg when he followed me: “@******, You caught me by suprise when I was calling the game tonight.” I scored 71 points as the Caveliers, and was playing against Lance Stephonson and the Pacers.

    • you get Jordan by getting 63+ points in a playoff game. you get Magic Johnson by getting 15+ assist. Clyde Drexler get triple double against Portland. Dennis Rodman get 19+ rebounds. Steve Kerr make a lot of 3’s. Chris Mullen go off against the Warriors. Gary Payton get 5+ steals Shawn Kemp get 45+ points and 15+ rebounds. David Robinson score 71+ points. this is on NBA 2k14.

  6. I just got Shaq as a fan by scoring 51 pts, 11 Rebs, 8 assists and 5 blocks as a point guard. So I think it may be 50 and 10 against Lakers.

  7. For Shaq I went 58pts, 12reb 2ast…but I also had 5blk. With some of the things I’m reading I have a feeling that maybe matchup performance and teammate grade might be taken into account

  8. I just got chris mullins. I played against golden state and had 66 points 10 rebounds 11 steals 7 assist and 3 blocks so maybe it was the points idk but I also demolished them 126 to 92

  9. I got a triple double againest the magic and I didnt get penny as a fan. My stats were: 24 min 42 points 5 rebounds 11 assists 12 steals 5 blocks. I played them at their homecourt

    • Was that against Golden State? 74/8/5/7/6 (PTS/REB/AST/STL/BLK) with 5 3s is what I did to get him (playing against Golden State). Until 2k actually comes out and states the requirements, the exact numbers to get some players like Mullin especially (and some others) is going to be a case of trial and error. As always, a disclaimer, I’m playing as a PG, so the requirements “might” be different for other positions.

    • Follow up: So I went overboard to make sure I got Mullin and I did. My stats: 83pt, 8reb, 15ast, 14stl, 4blk, 36-62FG, 6-163s, 5-5FT… as a shooting guard against GS

      Given everyone else’s experience, I think it’s clear most people aren’t getting Mullin bc of 3s – that’s incidental. I also doubt it’s blowing out GS. Seems like maybe a double-double is needed or a shooting percentage above 50… something like that.

      • 6-163s?

        Anyway, based on both our stats for Mullin, I’m guessing it’s the shooting % – we both have above 60%. A double double is pretty common, so there wouldn’t be so many people complaining about being unable to get Mullin if it was something so simple… then again 60% shooting is also pretty common for me, so again I’m kinda stumped.

    • Larry Bird isn’t a legend on the Notable Fan list… therefore… you couldn’t get him even if you had 100 points, 100 assists, 100 rebounds, and 100 3 pointers in the same game.

  10. I got Shawn Kemp to follow me with 38 points and 15 rebounds. You don’t need 47. It might be 30-35+ and 15+ rebounds instead. Food for thought.

    • This is stated clearly above. Food for thought.

      Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you. Example: Clark Kellogg and Clyde Drexler are labeled as a Triple Double each, but some people report a Double Double as being enough. It just so happens that I personally had a Triple Double in those games, which is why I’ve posted a Triple Double.

      • No where is the information about Shawn Kemp stated above other than the guy who commented saying you needed 45+ points and the original post. I’m simply pointing out you don’t even need that much.

        And that’s why I clearly stated my stats as well. Food for thought, again. I can’t read very well so that might be why :)

        • Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you.

          I’m not entirely sure… but the sentence above which is in the original post… might be pointing out the exact same thing… and may have been pointing out the exact same thing since November 2012 which is when the post was written. Also, there are numerous other comments with lower stats… which again… may be pointing out the exact same thing.

  11. I got 37 points, 10 assists, and 10 steals against the Blazers. And no Clyde follow… Does it have to be in Portland or something?

  12. I got Clyde drexler as a fan I think you need a triple double with points, rebounds, and assists because I ended with 33 pts 20 ast and 10 Reb and I played at Portland and I won the game and I’m a PG

  13. I’m on the Lakers and played the Pistons at home…
    60 points
    18 rebounds
    6 assists
    3 steals
    1 block
    and we won by 28… any reason why Joe dumars DIDNT follow me?

  14. I just beat Portland and I had 38 points and 11 assists so I don’t think a double double is enough for drexler

  15. I got shaq as a fan I was playing against the lakers as a SG wit the Thunder nd I posted a triple double with
    No teals or blocks

  16. I got Isiah Thomas in nba2k15 as a PG with this stats, i play in orlando magic

    Points: 36
    Assists: 11
    Rebounds: 9
    No blocks

  17. I got Micheal Jordan on nba 2k 15 for and i scored 75 points in a play offs game so i think you have to get 63 + points in a playoff game .

  18. Some info is off or just glitchy. I’m an all around SG AND Just dropped a triple double (26 pts 14 brds 12 dimes) on Portland IN Portland and no Clyde the Glide.

  19. For 2k15, you need 20+ rebounds for Dennis Rodman. Only a double double for Shaq (60+ points, 10+ rebounds) vs Lakers. 8 or 9+ dunks for Dominique Wilkins. ***7 will not do. 71+ points for David Robinson. 5+ steals for Gary Payton. Double double for Isaiah Thomas vs Pistons. 63+ points in a playoff game for MJ. All confirmed within the last two days.

  20. I just played the trail blazers and my stats are:
    36 minutes
    56 points
    1 rebound
    12 assists
    12 steals
    3 blocks
    3 TO
    23 of 32 6/12 from 3
    6/6 free throw

    I’m an athletic point guard

    NO CLYDE !?!?!?!?

  21. I consistently put up 30+ points and have 14 trip dubs and still don’t have Clark Kellogg as a fan (2k15)

  22. For Clark Kellogg i beat Indiana packers in there home town for the second time with the bulls with my point gaurd
    46 points
    8 assists
    4 rebounds
    5 blacks
    3 steals and got Kellogg

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