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Renewing your Malaysian Passport in 2017

It’s that time of the 5 years again… time to scratch your head and attempt to recall what needs to be done to renew that handy little red book that let’s you travel the world (given sufficient money). Fortunately for us, there’s now Google, and relatively well documented procedures available online on how to go about this gargantuan task. Well, it isn’t gargantuan anymore… at least compared to the good ol’ days when renewing your passport used to be a “whole day” affair which involved waking up at the crack of dawn, speeding off to the immigration department, and joining a snaking queue the length of which Mo Farah would have trouble running. After all of that, and questionable amounts of waiting… all you would have achieved is getting a number… which would be served about 2 hours later. Anyway, enough about the glory days of renewing passports when men were men. Nowadays, it’s a mostly painless affair. Continue reading

Udon Thani Airport

Slightly Lost Geek – Udon Thani Thailand

In this new series of strange ranty type things, a Slightly Lost Geek (read as me) wanders various places on the planet with somewhat limited resources. The SLG will then tell everyone what the SLG notices about the topic location. Take note that the SLG is from a “reasonably developed” third world country known to many as Malaysia, or home of the corrupt… and all thoughts and opinions are of the SLG alone. In this episode, SLG explores Udon Thani, Thailand.

Udon Thani

Udon Thani

Now, Udon Thani according to Wikipedia is a province (changwat) in northeast Thailand. It is bordered by the provinces of Nong Khai to the north, Sakon Nakhon to the east, Kalasin Province to the southeast, Khon Kaen to the south, and Loei and Nong Bua Lam Phu Province to the west. It occupies an area of 11,730 km². The provincial capital is Udon Thani, the major city in the province. I ended up here mainly because I had already visited Bangkok and didn’t particularly like it. Note that despite my home being the bustling Kuala Lumpur, I am actually averse to noisy, loud, and crowded places. After a wee bit of reading, I discovered that a great many travelers favored the North of Thailand (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Udon Thani) because of the relative quietness compared to Bangkok (and other more popular tourist destinations), and much lower cost of living. Also, I figured Udon Thani would be a more developed location compared to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai mainly because of the large expat population there – Udon Thani apparently has the 2nd largest expat population in Thailand after Bangkok. Surely expats wouldn’t flock in droves to somewhere without running water and electricity right? Continue reading


Batman vs Superman vs Lex Luthor vs Doomsday vs Wonder Woman

This is the result of having 5 pots (characters) and 2.5 lids (hours)… with a storyline that is some sort of a amalgam of how many Michael Bay moments you can fit in and a dash of a comic book storyline (you know… black embossed cover with white bag). I won’t say that the movie is terrible… but it sure is a letdown. Let’s just say the best things that came out of the movie were Hans Zimmer and surprisingly… Gal Gadot.

Now, I’m not too concerned about Civil War… because Marvel seems to be smart enough to have named the entire movie after a specific comic book story arc and are unlikely to stray too far… rights and legal issues notwithstanding. They also made the smart decision to wait a good 8 years from the first Iron Man to build the majority of the characters independently before attempting the comic book equivalent of the WWF/WWE Royal Rumble unlike DC.

There’s more… but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. I mean DC already did that for you guys anyway HA HA! Annoyed nerd mode disabled…


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