more nagle+delayed acks

Been doing some “work” on getting around these 2 problems in relation to WoW. My initial intent was to connect to my proxy in Jaring via stunnel/dante-sockd… and having iptables reroute the traffic through socat which would disable Nagle’s and set tcp-nodelay to true. For some strange reason (or maybe I just suck at writing iptables rules), I was unable to get iptables to pick up anything to route to socat. So after more research, I decided to take the SS5 SOCKS Server (or SS5) source code any modify it slightly to mangle ALL packets that came through (which should be only WoW traffic unless you are trying to abuse my machine).

Simple workaround:
(1) Grab the SS5 source.
(2) Open SS5Server.c
#include “netinet/tcp.h”; (Line 26)
setsockopt(S5SocksSocket, IPPROTO_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, &reuseAddrFlag, sizeof(int)); (Line 197)
(3) ./configure && make && make install

(4) proxify all WoW traffic to ipaddress:port that you configured.

You now have WoW minus Nagle+delayed ACKs. Congratulations.



After immense (read: stupid) amounts of grinding, I have now reached level 67. I now consider myself ground… and feel that familiar couldn’t be f*cked feeling that i get when too much grinding has occured. I blame myself for spending illogical amounts of time playing during closed beta… but bite me anyhow. Fortunately though, level 70 is an eventuality… not a possibility (albeit an excruciating and mind numbingly painful eventuality on my warrior).

That’s all OK though, because I have the proverbial pocket healer/windfury totem with me all the time in direct violation of Blizzard’s EULA.


10 Reasons why Trolls Suck

1: They look hideous with 90% of plate helmets.
2: They’re feet are neither covered with clothes, or hair.
3: The male troll’s dance… Need I say more?
4: One viable hair style. How many male trolls have a mohawk here?
5: The racials are below par compared with all other races, save dwarfs.
6: The priest racials. How many times have you heard “Why are you a troll priest?”?
7: Tusks. I could pass for a Draenei mount.
8: That little blue patch under my chin. WTF IS IT???
9: Our jokes got nerfed.
10: The accent. OH THE ACCENT!!!


A: Ivory Raptor got nerfed!
B: I ring the bells in Notre Dame.
C: We are associated with losers who sit on the forums all day.
D: We have no city of our own, nor unique starting area. Orcs smell, and they squat all over the road to Orgrimmar.
E: We can’t make a piece of armor without being accused of indecent exposure (See picture above) (Note that this troll has a mohawk)
G: Snakes on a Troll