A little too close for comfort. My thoughts go out to those even remotely related or involved with the tragic MH17 flight of 17th July 2014.



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ADHD/ADD or something else? Thoughts…

I had a somewhat interesting experience the other day. The interesting bit about it was, that as far as I knew, I was not under the influence of any drug or psychotropic substance. My initial thoughts when I noticed what was occurring, was that the experience was very much similar to spacing out while under the effects of a chemical compound such as Tetrahydrocannabinol‎ (THC) but more towards the spacing out after consuming a member of the Psilocybe family of fungi. While not as extreme as the Psilocybe experience, it was still very surprising… mainly because at that point in time I was not expecting anything of the nature to occur, nor had I ingested any mind altering substances for a fair amount of time.

Of course, being some sort of a paranoid type, I started to attempt self diagnosis by Internet (which is typically a bad idea since symptoms of all kinds tend to overlap with all kinds of medical conditions and diseases). The fact that I basically had only a single symptom to work with didn’t really help much either and I ended up with a self diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 33. On the bright side, my self diagnosis accuracy up to this point in time has proven to be 0% – so I probably don’t have Alzheimer’s. Anyway, here’s an attempt at crowdsourcing a diagnosis… I’ve attached a number of graphs below which attempt to describe attention (in percent) versus time. Note that the time axis is in seconds and is in no means to be a 100% accurate reflection of the experience, but is more there to give a relative idea of time rather than a definitive measurement. I’d also like to add that these experiments did not break any laws of any kind and experiments with substances were conducted in a country where consumption is legal. Continue reading


Jolla Lands in Malaysia & First Impressions

After much waiting (and hefty donations to ParcelForce aka British Royal Mail), I’ve finally got my hands on the first (hopefully of many) Jolla device here in Malaysia. Here are my initial thoughts on the device…

It feels fairly hefty (because it is), but it feels good. At least it feels like you’ve got a well built phone in your hands as opposed to if it was really light, in which case, you’d probably think you had a plasticky dummy unit in your hands. The Other Half (hereforth referred to as TOH) of course is almost completely plastic with the exception of the tiny bit of electronics otherwise known as the NFC sticker. TOH is fairly difficult to remove (especially for a new user), and combined with the fact that it’s basically a thin piece of plastic, makes for a rather hair raising experience when first removing it to install the battery/SIM/MicroSD. After the first couple of times, you’ll probably develop some kind of method to help in removal – mine being getting the 2 bottom corners off first, then using a fingernail to pry out the plastic catches located along the edges.

Jolla Front

Jolla Front

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