First Post!

Well, here’s the funkay new layout I’ve been working my ass off on (figure of speech nothing more). Unfortunately, nothing much has happened in recent times and so, no updates for the moment. I still remember the weekend though, I remember it as a mess of meetings and general busy-ness. Out of everything that has happened in the recent past, the only thing that stands out is my shiny new audio amplifier. I’ve never previously invested in such an expensive piece of audio equipment because I didn’t really believe that an amplifier could make such a bigass difference. I was earlier running around with a nameless brand amp from Pasar Road which retailed for approx RM300 and thought my speakers (which are extremely good speakers that I inherited from my uncle after he spent a bomb getting an entire new system) sounded great with the cheapo amp. I was proven very much wrong and have now sweared that I’ll never buy cheap audio equipment again. W00T!