Lumia 800

Review of the Nokia Lumia 800

The evil doppelganger of the N9 has finally made its appearance in Malaysia. The love child of Stephen Elop. Whatever you want to call it. Here, I shall share my occasionally politically incorrect views on the Lumia 800. Be warned that I am biased against anything from the loins of Redmond in general. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 710 & 800 Preview in Malaysia

So, a couple of days ago, I received an invite through a “proxy” that allowed me to infiltrate the tightly guarded ranks of Nokia Malaysia during their “preview” of the Lumia 710 & 800 in Kuala Lumpur. At this launch, my main objective was to eat pastries – as can be seen below.

Pastries courtesy of Nokia Malaysia

Pastries courtesy of Nokia Malaysia

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The Nokia N9 is now AVAILABLE in Malaysia!!!

I am now grinning like a retard.

Here are some pictures for you to digest while I continue grinning like a retard for the rest of the day.

Nokia N9 & BH-505 NFC

Nokia N9 & BH-505 NFC

Nokia N9 Box & Stuff In It

Nokia N9 Box & Stuff In It

Nokia BH-505 NFC Headset

Nokia BH-505 NFC Headset

A quick summary:

  • The Nokia N9 comes with:
    • Nokia N9
    • Wired headset
    • Charger (USB header)
    • USB data/charging cable
    • strange pieces of paper with words on them
  • The BH-505 comes with:
    • Nokia BH-505 NFC
    • Charger (with strange 2.5mm looking head)
    • bunch of rubber squiggly things
    • more strange pieces of paper with words on them

Total price: RM2088 (approx USD670)

Now, back to grinning like a retard. Bye!


Nokia N9 Available in Malaysia on 7th October

I made full payment for my 64GB Nokia N9 today at the Nokia Store in Gardens, Mid Valley. According to the staff there, they “should” receive stock by then – and customers who have either paid a deposit (or paid in full) will be given priority for the device.

A nice plus point is that Nokia Malaysia is apparently allocating a certain number of BH-505 NFC enabled headsets to be given out to a few of the aforementioned lucky customers!