Jolla Lands in Malaysia & First Impressions

After much waiting (and hefty donations to ParcelForce aka British Royal Mail), I’ve finally got my hands on the first (hopefully of many) Jolla device here in Malaysia. Here are my initial thoughts on the device…

It feels fairly hefty (because it is), but it feels good. At least it feels like you’ve got a well built phone in your hands as opposed to if it was really light, in which case, you’d probably think you had a plasticky dummy unit in your hands. The Other Half (hereforth referred to as TOH) of course is almost completely plastic with the exception of the tiny bit of electronics otherwise known as the NFC sticker. TOH is fairly difficult to remove (especially for a new user), and combined with the fact that it’s basically a thin piece of plastic, makes for a rather hair raising experience when first removing it to install the battery/SIM/MicroSD. After the first couple of times, you’ll probably develop some kind of method to help in removal – mine being getting the 2 bottom corners off first, then using a fingernail to pry out the plastic catches located along the edges.

Jolla Front

Jolla Front

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Another Look at Mobile Contracts in Malaysia

The HTC One X (and the cheaper One) have recently been unveiled in a number of countries. As usual, telcos from all over the world are clamoring to suck in customers to new contracts by offering deals on this shiny new device. Over in Malaysia, the nice blokes over at SoyaCincau have provided a somewhat comprehensive look at local Malaysian contracts and pricing. For those of you of the TLDR variety, I’ll sum it up quickly;

  • the HTC One X has an RRP of RM2099 (~€525)
  • for a minimum up front payment for the device of RM1000 (or approximately €250), you’ll need to go along with a monthly commitment of RM138 (approximately €35) over a contract period of 24 months for a grand total investment of RM4072 (~€1018)
  • for a minimum total investment of RM2215 (~€553), you will need to fork out RM1699 (~€425) for the device and put down a monthly commitment of RM48 (~€12) per month over a 12 month contract period with the telco with possibly the worst reputation in Malaysia

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Mobile telcos and account wide bandwidth

More and more people these days are running about with multiple devices; smartphones and tablets in general are most relevant to this topic. I, on occasion, am one of those people. Every now and then, my iPad2 3G gets to see the outside of my house… strangely dependent on my Nokia N9 providing a wireless hotspot for it instead of utilizing it’s inbuilt 3G. Why? Continue reading

Lumia 800

Review of the Nokia Lumia 800

The evil doppelganger of the N9 has finally made its appearance in Malaysia. The love child of Stephen Elop. Whatever you want to call it. Here, I shall share my occasionally politically incorrect views on the Lumia 800. Be warned that I am biased against anything from the loins of Redmond in general. Continue reading