N9 PR 1.2 Bug: Unable to start operation – Refreshing cache. Please Wait.

After the initial excitement of having finally gotten PR 1.2 for my N9, I decided to run Clear Device on my N9 – I wanted a squeaky clean N9 running PR 1.2 to enjoy. Much to my dismay, after the N9 reset, it started complaining when I got into the Ovi Store and tried to install anything.

Unable to start operation
Refreshing cache. Please wait.

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N9 SIM Tray

Flashing your N9

So either PR 1.2 has screwed up your N9 (Unable to start operation. Refreshing cache. Please wait.) or you just feel like you need a shiny clean device to fully appreciate the N9, and now you want to flash your N9. Flashing your N9 isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so don’t panic. Just be sure to double check everything you do, and pay attention (or take your ADHD medication). Here’s how to do it…

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