Richard Simmons

Renewing your Malaysian Passport in 2017

It’s that time of the 5 years again… time to scratch your head and attempt to recall what needs to be done to renew that handy little red book that let’s you travel the world (given sufficient money). Fortunately for us, there’s now Google, and relatively well documented procedures available online on how to go about this gargantuan task. Well, it isn’t gargantuan anymore… at least compared to the good ol’ days when renewing your passport used to be a “whole day” affair which involved waking up at the crack of dawn, speeding off to the immigration department, and joining a snaking queue the length of which Mo Farah would have trouble running. After all of that, and questionable amounts of waiting… all you would have achieved is getting a number… which would be served about 2 hours later. Anyway, enough about the glory days of renewing passports when men were men. Nowadays, it’s a mostly painless affair. Continue reading