Nokia N900 Availability in Malaysia: The Search Continues Part II


Got your email from ZZZ from Text 100 Singapore. The Nokia N900 is not available in Malaysia and it’s also not yet available in Singapore.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Best Regards,

Why thank you, Captain Obvious.

So we go from a courteous, succinct answer from the Singaporean representative… to a repetitive and possibly Malaysian grammar installed answer that doesn’t even answer my question from the Malaysian rep. I want to shoot people. It’s like Malaysian companies literally pick out the illiterate people from interviews when looking to fill a job position.

“Hey kid, can you read?”
“Not really, but sometimes I can make out the letters at the spectacle shop.”
“Hell yeah, you’re in!!! Congrats buddy!!!”


Nokia N900 Availability in Malaysia: The Search Continues

OK, thus far attempts to dig any information out of Nokia with regards to availability of Nokia has been futile… but do not fret; for I will not give up so easily.
All conventional methods have failed… and now we resort to social engineering.


I’m looking for availability (if and when) information for the Nokia
N900 in SE Asia (Malaysia specifically) before publishing some articles
on the device on a Malaysian IT news website. Ideally, we’d prefer to
avoid publishing an article on a device that won’t be available locally!!!

I’d appreciate any information you could volunteer on this subject.


Now, unfortunately for the recipient of this email, I’m not really writing an article on the N900… nor will I be publishing said article on any Malaysian IT news website… but then again, they don’t know that do they?

Hi biatch0 (no they didn’t really write that),

I’ve cc-ed my Malaysian team to assist you with this. 🙂


Aww… how awfully sweet of you!!! Now, we shall wait to find out what the “Malaysian team” will say about N900 availability. Given that it’s a “Malaysian” team, I’m not really hoping for much (or anytime soon)… but then again we can always hope for the best before moving on to the next victim for our social engineering exercise.