Synology DS410j

Yes, I have 1 of these.

Unfortunately, the past 1 week of ownership has been hell not inclusive marshmallows.

This box has almost a 100% crash record whenever I try to copy ANYTHING larger than 1GB into (or even out as I just found out) it. I have 4x 1.5TB drives inside… so with minimal amounts of maths you can probably figure out almost the entire 1st week of ownership has involved more pressing the ON/OFF button than anything else. With all the crashes and resets that this thing does, I can finally see why they decided to include RAID1, RAID5 and various other backup methods on it. Obviously having 3TB+ of data on it already makes things just a LITTLE harder to back-up

I’m going to return or exchange this piece of shit NAS as soon as I have any time.



EDIT: Since the blokes over at Synology found this post and commented without me actually posting this on their forum/emailing their support I’ve decided to put a nice strikethrough on the slightly less savory things I wrote earlier. Hopefully all shall be well soon…