Another Look at Mobile Contracts in Malaysia

The HTC One X (and the cheaper One) have recently been unveiled in a number of countries. As usual, telcos from all over the world are clamoring to suck in customers to new contracts by offering deals on this shiny new device. Over in Malaysia, the nice blokes over at SoyaCincau have provided a somewhat comprehensive look at local Malaysian contracts and pricing. For those of you of the TLDR variety, I’ll sum it up quickly;

  • the HTC One X has an RRP of RM2099 (~€525)
  • for a minimum up front payment for the device of RM1000 (or approximately €250), you’ll need to go along with a monthly commitment of RM138 (approximately €35) over a contract period of 24 months for a grand total investment of RM4072 (~€1018)
  • for a minimum total investment of RM2215 (~€553), you will need to fork out RM1699 (~€425) for the device and put down a monthly commitment of RM48 (~€12) per month over a 12 month contract period with the telco with possibly the worst reputation in Malaysia

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