Spammers broke WP again, appending interesting links into my most recent (previously) post while also breaking the image tag in it (possibly they didn’t consider the post opening with an image when they wrote the “exploit”). This would explain why my previous post may have appeared as a bunch of garbled HTML once in awhile during the past few weeks (assuming you even noticed). So, I upgraded WP to 2.6… and it broke a bunch of themes that I like. Which is why I’m using this boring ugly theme.

3rd August; RIP [email protected], you will be dearly missed.



Australian WiMAX pioneer trashes technology as “miserable failure”

wonder if this will be of interest to MCMC, which seems to be pushing wimax as a way to avoid facing the number one problem with Malaysian broadband policy: TMnet’s monopolisation of the copper infrastructure that all Malaysians have paid for.

The same MCMC that has the power to do something about the monopoly amirite?