Adventures in DSLR Video Recording

canon7dBefore you decide that buying a brand spanking new DSLR automatically makes you the new James Cameron, there are a couple of limitations (of recording video on a DSLR) that you should take into consideration.

Hard Limit of 29:59 Regardless of Recording Quality/Resolution

The first limitation is apparently related to taxes imposed on a traditional camera versus a “video camera”. According to the straight laced, black suited people who are after a cut of the hard earned money of every person on the planet, a “video camera” is defined as a camera that is able to capture motion (video) for durations above 29 minutes and 59 seconds. Once your camera is able to record 30 minutes of video at a go, it (and all the packaging that it comes with) miraculously relabels itself as a video camera and as such is subject to higher taxes (in many countries worldwide) than the camera sitting next to it that is able to record an amazing 1 second of video less. Continue reading