YTL in The Star 23rd November

And they’re in the news again for the wrong reasons… Starting to feel a little sorry for them!!! There are also some other interesting “rumours” floating around, so the next week or so should be exciting!!!

Oh no! Hackers hit firm's Yes portal

Oh no! Hackers hit firm's Yes portal


YTL Yes 4G “Leaked” Pricing Info

OK, maybe it isn’t leaked… but anyway, I’m sure everyone has seen the camera phone picture posted online by now. Since the info didn’t come from me, and that information is now public record… time for me to break it down for everyone. According to the image:

9 sen = 3MB or 1 min voice or 1 SMS (A quick flashback to my Twitter guesstimate of their pricing some time back…)

At the current pricing, 20GB would equate to RM600 (3 sen/MB)… I was off by RM200 🙁

Well, I was honestly hoping they wouldn’t go forward with the current pricing structure, but I guess they’ve decided they know best. No amount of using the term 4G (despite the fact that they are not a 4G network) is going to help them gain customers when they are FAR from the cheapest network. The mobility and speed could be attractive, but when it comes at those prices… well, good luck. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t even think twice about using them as my main telco, let alone ISP.

Stop being idiots and spending millions on marketing. Improve your network, improve your pricing. It may be a stretch to say that YTL seems as retarded as TM announcing caps for UNIFI upon launch (it’s still going to happen, stop trying to kid yourselves), but it’s a very small stretch. Pricing like this is essentially shooting yourself in the foot… with a Barrett M82 rifle… multiple times (not theoretically possible since your foot would have disintegrated after 1 shot)… while resting your chin on the shoulder stalk. Hey guys over at YTL, you should have a chat with the TM people over at UNIFI about their data caps… you might actually learn something (unlike the TM guys who are still going to impose retarded caps). The difference between TM and YTL is that TM has a monopoly, and will most likely continue to have a monopoly for many years to come despite leaking $$$ out of their asses for the past 20 years (and still random people in TM get paychecks that look like the GDP of small nations).

Comparisons paint this picture:

  • YTL is significantly cheaper… at 500MB
  • YTL is slightly more expensive… at 3GB
  • YTL is retarded at anything more

To break it down, if you plan on using YTL with anything more advanced than a WAP phone circa 2001, don’t bother. YTL will tear you a new asshole (possibly even 2). Their 5x the speed of 3G (which is essentially only about 2x the speed of 3.5G (actually less because Maxis isn’t perfect either)) will only serve to make you consume more data faster over an extended period. Assuming I do test their product, rest assured that if current pricing does not change I would only recommend it to people if they communicate in morse code… and I sure as hell won’t be using their product anytime after the trial period expires.

I hoped that YTL would actually have come up with something not entirely subpar given the time they took to implement their network… Well, I leave you with a quote:

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


YTL Communications YES 4G (Softlaunch Review)

So, the long awaited YTL Communications wireless broadband solution had its soft launch tonight. The actual product launch will be on the 19th of November 2010 (barring some major catastrophe or other). Let’s have a quick run through of what little information was released tonight:

We will be three to five times faster than existing 3G networks

That’s good to know. Unfortunately for us, the current theoretical maximum speed of a 3G (not 3.5G) network is 2.4Mbps stationary. Multiply that by 5, and you end up with 12Mbps; which is fast for us poor sods in Malaysia… but in general? No. How about when used in conjunction with the crowd favourite 4G? Maybe if you are on mind-altering drugs… otherwise, no. You should also take into consideration that my calculation of 12Mbps was with the upper ceiling of 5 (times faster than existing 3G networks). The lower limit would then be set at 7.2Mbps…

3G was made to carry voice, when it tries to carry data, it struggles. 4G was made to carry data.

In that case, your “4G network” should be wiping the floor with the 3G network right? Here’s an interesting one… the folks at YTL choose to demo their “4G network” against the Celcom 3G solution… and managed 11Mbps vs 0.89Mbps (CELCOM). Yes, ELEVEN MEGABITS, you read it right. Umm… check this other quote out:

The ITU requires 100 Mbps (mobile) and 1 Gbps (fixed) speeds, among other criteria, to qualify as true 4G.

Unless I fail horribly at reading and require LASIK, I’m pretty certain that 11Mbps < 100Mbps. Don’t know about you guys, but in comparison to what the ITU requires, it sure looks like the YTL “4G network” is struggling like a Somalian kid trying to benchpress the Michelin Man.

Other useful links relating to the ITU 4G standard: The official ITU 4G Press Release, and the IMT-Advanced (4G) page on the ITU website.

With the Yes ID, you will be able to use data, voice and SMS, all on the same network.

I hate to be the one to break it to you… but I’m pretty sure we’ve been doing that since WAP days.

“Your Yes ID and email can be as cool as [email protected] How cool is that.” — Wing K Lee, CEO YTL Comms

Not as cool as if my username was [email protected] or [email protected] What’s your point?

We believe that consumers should only pay for what they use. Just like electricity.

Uh oh… I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. Compare per minute call prices between Hotlink prepaid and Maxis Postpaid not including any promotions/gimmicks… which do you think is cheaper? If you don’t know the answer to this, I’m literally at a loss for words… please stab yourself in the eye with a spoon. The statement above instantly makes me think of:

  1. expensive rates per usage
  2. low caps
  3. high caps will pay through their noses

Sorry kids, I’m a realist. Deal with it. The above scenarios are most likely to occur based on the quote above.

Wing K Lee explains: “You can log on to multiple devices simultaneously. You won’t get logged out, when you log on on another device.”

What happens if I channel bundle 10 devices, and pull attempt to pull 11Mbps per device. Will I get 110Mbps or will your network screech to a halt? Do we even WANT to know what the contention ratio will be like for YTL? On the bright side, it can’t be any worse than the asshats over at Telekom Malaysia.

This is what we achieved on our speed test, 11Mbps! #YTLC http://twitpic.com/33ka6q

Yes, apparently 11Mbps is an ACHIEVEMENT. I… I… don’t know why my face is in my palm.

@ReneTVG This is amazing! Keep it up! 🙂 RT @Yes4G This is what we achieved on our speed test, 11Mbps! #YTLC http://twitpic.com/33ka6qHERE

I… palm… face… no… help!!! I swear this guy must have just got out of a time machine from 1990. Wait, maybe he was being sarcastic? Yes, that would make more sense… must be sarcasm… Amazement at such low speeds for 4G which ITU regulations require to be able to carry 100Mbps while mobile. Well, if he wasn’t being sarcastic then maybe it’s the same mind-altering drugs that the guy further up was on… must have been passed around.

IN CONCLUSION!!! I’m really… really… really… disappointed with what I’ve heard (and seen) thus far. No actual figures have been released, so who knows, maybe it’ll be ridiculously cheap to make up for the somewhat yawn inducing speeds. Well, we shall see on the 19th of November… until then!!!

EDIT: Here are my predictions for speed (12Mbps) and for price. My speed prediction was pretty good… we’ll find out price soon enough!!!