Here’s the bi-monthly obligatory entry… I will now attempt to make entries bi-monthly.

It’s 7:42AM, and I’m bored. I have now run out of words. The “Entry Text” textbox in my control panel will be left open until I feel that there are sufficient words in here to make this entry look like a lot of effort was put into it. This is to saisfy my weird addiction to having multiple paragraphs per entry. I still lack words. I have now grown bored of waiting for words to magically appear in my mind.

5 thoughts on “Yawn…

  1. Wah lan. Cool!

    You playing quake there? The line there f*cking cun babe. Play vs US and train up yer skills man! Do show me next time … cun cun want to see you from whoop ass to super mother farkin whoopin arse.

    Played Q3 against local S’pore there perhaps? Or online?

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