Happy New Year

It’s New Year, the time of year (beginning or end,depending) when everybody has a grand plan of ultimate happeningness. Unfortunately, in my case, I seriously doubt that anything even remotely resembling all those grand plans will materialize. It’s 5PM, I’ve just woken up, and I shall soon be stocking up on junk food and various […]



I had an exciting morning today… After going to bed at about 8AM (and dozing off shortly thereafter), I awoke after awhile feeling dizzy. It was slightly akin to the kind of feeling you get when you’ve had just a little too much to drink (or insert other hallucinogenic substance here); twas not a good […]


Ola… Por favor?

Greetings from me, Rip van Winkle… I have successfully traversed time in my bed from the time of our last meeting. The month has been a blur of snoring, contorted sleeping positions, and other nonsense not fit to be shared here. Since there is absolutely squat that happened, I will now leave you with something […]

Misc Writings

Seven Bridges Road

“In the beginning all was darkness.Desperado was there not and neither was there Hotel California. He who would sing that was called Glenn did journey hence from his home in the city of automobiles that was called Detroit to seek fortune as a minstrel. The master of the band wherein Glenn did play and sing […]


Useless quiz results

You are Kagura-san! Ignore this picture!Athletics, inner strength, and understandinglife is what keeps you running. Literally.You are a very active person. You love sports.You love life. Most of the time. It’s veryhard to break your spirit, although yousometimes have to work to keep your chin up.But you always succeed in the end. Youcould’ve been straight […]


Here I go again…

It’s yet another Sunday morning, and as usual, I’m having some tasty coffee with some a tasty strawberry cheese cake courtesy of Starbucks Coffee (Bangsar Baru branch). They gave me the coffee and cake for free but I had to pay 20 bucks for the damned tissue. Would be at Coffee Bean if they had […]


Oh fsck me…

As some of the more enlightened may know, I’m taking a break in Singapore to catch the Eagles live in concert. Some may also remember that I am cursed with having problems with the machines in my house whenever I am further than a half hour drive from my house. What can I say? The […]



Here’s a little something that a vast majority of Malaysians (I would use Asian, but I choose not to generalize to such a degree) have yet to realize. We go to a department store, pick up a bottle of perfume, and immediately make an assumption that the “Display till” tag doubles as a “Use by” […]