Misc Writings

Help me…

There was a time I believe I gave a shit, about myself and those surrounding me but in the end, they are nothing short of energy vampires tearing at my mind, eating my soul, feasting upon my emotions, and i for one don’t want to play this game anymore no sir, not me; but where […]

Misc Writings

Have something to say?

Gazing thru the window at the world outside, writing pointlessly in a journal that does not really make a difference to me. Writing perhaps because it helps me remember. I settle with nothing, and reach for everything. Nobody could understand how the gods felt when they created the world… but I have an idea of […]

Misc Writings

The revolution will be blogged

Manic depression, panic disorder, borderline personality, anxiety disorder, clinical depression.Here, take this pill… it’ll all be better in the morning. We’ll med you up, and call you a success story because you don’t cry anymore, or cut yourself, or run about being promiscuous, and you sit there like a good boy. Blinking, breathing, listening. The […]


Hello again…

When I take a long break from adding useless content from this weblog, it generally means that I have either; (a) lost interest momentarily or otherwise, (b) died of some yet undiscovered disease, (c) moved to Russia to play Quake, or (d) been insanely busy. Based on some weird law or other (I remember it […]