Misc Writings

What do you do when your heroes are gone?


Unquestionably, I am angry.
Yeah, I heard, and I knew.
You were addicted.
So you had a problem you couldn’t kick.
You had issues no one could understand.
So, you “fixed” every thing with IT.
Everybody knew but YOU say they didn’t care.Well, fuck you. I did care. I loved you.
I wanted every one to know just how much
I thought you were the best.
You said “it’s hard doing this alone”
But you weren’t alone. Everybody
Has been right here for you.
All you had to do was look. And you say that this shit was too hard??
You say that this world and life
Was too much to hard??? 
Fuck you. You had the whole wide world at your feet
To explore, to discover and to conquer.
So what did you do?
You threw it away.
You say you were neglected??
YOU turned your back on everything
Before it turned on you. 
Ok, ok…
I am sorry that you have had a rough time.
I am sorry that you felt ostracized.
I am sorry that you think your life
Went to shit. 
I am sorry that you are dead.
I am sorry that your music and voice will never be hear again.
I am NOT sorry that you were famous.
I am not sorry that you were talented.
I am not sorry that you were liked.
I am not sorry that you made music that was
Enjoyed the world over. 
That’s YOUR fault.
And, believe it or not, YOU asked for it. 
I am just confused. What do you do when your heroes are gone?


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