Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

Is it wrong that I’m somehow sheepishly proud of the fact that I’m staying home this Saturday night? I’m not saying that I go out every Saturday night either, most of the places I go on Saturday night can’t quite qualify as going out; exiting my door would be a slightly more appropriate description. In other non-related news, I’m considering selling my current PC speakers (Logitech z560) which will make way for a very much smaller 2.1 setup. This is all part of the master-plan of mine which involves cleaning up my room. I’m already working hard on the first step which is stop buying new junk; more thanks to the fact that I’m flat out broke now rather than any effort on my part.
Edited because this deserved to be here; was extracted from channel #Bangsar off good ol’ IRC:
lycheese1: Hi buddy out there, how is the going?
lycheese1: “?????o?,,?o???????? Hello ^c|tsaps^ ????????o?,,?o?????”
lycheese1: Great cjtsaps, this is sat.
lycheese1: Where r u from?
lycheese1: This chat room is rather quiet, eh!
lycheese1: Bangsar is a roaring place and why no soul out there wants to chat
biatch0: cos it’s a saturday night you dickwad
Song of the moment: Bon Jovi – Lay Your Hands On Me

One thought on “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

  1. heya thanks for visiting my site and yeahh… DMB rules! Waiting for my friend to bring back 2 of their albums for me from the states…. if she has gotten them la…

    Luther college and Central park albums 🙂

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