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We’re Moving!!!

That’s right, ladies and gents!!! and all related sites will be making a short move (literally) of about 10m-15m tops… to a different rack. Everything will likely be down for a couple of days (possibly a week tops, hopefully). Just a quick heads up… in case people start panicking and believe the end is […]


kernel, nagle and delayed acks

Recompiling your kernel remotely is bad. Gentoo decided to remove the driver for my eth0 (which wasn’t in use) making my eth1 into eth0… in the process breaking netmount and all related daemons! The new kernel also decided to break apache… so I recompiled that… which broke PHP… which I recompiled… but it depended on […]


emerge -udv world

I haven’t done this for ages on my server. After it died yesterday under the most mysterious of circumstances, I am seriously considering doing an emerge world. I’m just worried that everything will fall apart; especially the qmail installation. Qmail is now marked as deprecated in portage; replaced by netqmail. Only one way to find […]


ipw2200 rf_kill pains

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome the ASUS m5200e to my extended family of electronic gadgetry. Sleek, sexy machine you!!! Well, anyway, Gentoo loaded like a champion on this machine; 2006.1 liveCD recognized everything including the Ricoh MMC/SD/MS reader and the IPW2200BG wireless module (which has to be coaxed into working with a […]